A word from our founder ...

Growing up I was taught the importance of caring for the environment and animals. Coming from a family of animal lovers and farmers, it was a natural progression to pursue my education in biology. Being a biologist, learning about the environment and the things that inhabit our planet naturally made me more aware of the world around me. 

The notion that plastics were not recycled was not something that seemed to be common knowledge. I had always assumed that once I threw something in the recycling bin, it would be taken care of and re-purposed, not thrown into our growing landfills. When learning that only approximately 10% of the plastic is recycled, this figure was both astonishing and appalling.

With a somewhat new entrepreneurial spark, the idea of BLUEHAUS was born.

I decided to combine my passion for the environment and wanting to make a difference by creating a company that provides sustainable alternatives to plastic products currently being used.

Little everyday changes can add up to a large impact. Join us in being part of the solution.